Well-Known Health Tips That No Longer Apply

A good deal of advice that was once considered gospel truth among the medical community is now being questioned.

Runner’s Knee

Many doctors, while advocating for exercising in general, have recommended swimming and walking over running because of the assumption that running would ultimately destroy your knees. New studies reveal, however, that not only is runner’s knee avoidable, running can actually protect your knees.


Margarine was invented in a laboratory by a chemist in 1813. By the 1960’s, when cholesterol became a bad word, doctors were recommending margarine over butter because it was naturally cholesterol free. A few years ago, however, it became apparent that margarine’s trans-fat not only raises bad cholesterol but also lowers good cholesterol.


In recent decades eggs have been demonized as being loaded with fat and cholesterol to such an extent that doctors were recommending that adults limit consumption to a few per week or else eat those tasteless egg substitutes. But the cholesterol in eggs doesn’t seem to have much effect on blood cholesterol levels. And eggs are high in many essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.

Aspirin Therapy

A daily, low dose of aspirin can help prevent heart attacks for people with coronary heart disease. But it’s a bad idea to be on aspirin when a vessel in your stomach or brain starts to bleed. The latter is called hemorrhagic stroke. And there’s no evidence that daily aspirin can prevent heart disease in people who are already healthy. So by taking aspirin, you can seriously increase this risk of a hemorrhagic stroke or internal bleeding with absolutely no benefit to compensate for the risk.

Live Science September 18, 2009

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