Signs and Symptoms

Severe pain running from the buttocks down the back of the leg. At times the pain will be less but there will be severe atrophy of some of the leg muscles.


There is pressure on one or more of the nerve roots in the lumbar spine. This is usually from a protruding disc.


This condition usually follows a lifting type of injury where the person is bent over and suddenly feels something go in the back and the pain comes immediately or within hours of the incident. There is usually swelling from the strain of the fibers of the back. These include muslces, ligaments and the disc structure.

Standard Treatment

RICE – which stands for rest, ice and a support brace. This is accompanied by taking anti-inflammatory medications and at times a muscle relaxant. Failure to respond to this care is followed by physical therapy using ultrasound, muscle stimulation and then at times strengthening exercises if it is chronic. If there is poor response an MRI is performed and surgery may be indicated.

AK Approach

In addition to most of the standard treatment, the structures of the back are tested to find the ones that are weak that allowed the injury to occur. Specific muscle therapies are used to reduce the spasm muscles and you are taught to do some of these at home. Manipulation is performed to align the pelvis and the lumbar spine to equalize the weight on the didsc structures. Dietary recommendations to speed the healing and reduce inflammation are also considered.

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