Signs or Symptoms

Moderate to disabling muscle soreness and fatigue that can occur in an extremity or more commonly over the whole body.


Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition where you have widespread muscle and joint pain, fatigue, and multiple tender points in the muscles. Other common symptoms include sleep disturbances, morning stiffness, irritable bowel syndrome and anxiety.


The cause of fibromyalgia is unknown. The syndrome may be caused by an injury or trauma. Fibromyalgia may be associated with changes in muscle metabolism, such as decreased blood flow, causing fatigue and decreased strength. Some with this syndrome have it triggered by an infectious agent such as a virus.

Standard Treatment

Heat and massage give short-term relief. Antidepressant medications may help elevate mood, improve quality of sleep, and relax muscles. Anti-inflammatory medications are also tried.

AK Approach

As this is a condition of the whole body, the examination begins with the areas that are most troubling to the patient. The attempt is to reduce musculoskeletal stress so that the local structures do not become inflamed. Different muscle therapies are used to reduce the trigger points. This is followed by a slow progressive exercise routine to increase the ability of the patient to do more without causing inflammation. Nutritional work is done to up-regulate the ability to the body to produce more of its own natural anti-inflammatory compounds. Testing is then done to determine other factors that can lead to an increased inflammation response in the patient. Other lifestyle modifications are used to prevent or minimize exacerbating the condition. A specific program for your needs is created.

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